Sweet Summer Treat: Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (2024)

I had no luck finding any real vanilla beans for V-Week, but this Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream still turned out delicious! Vanilla beans contains small amounts of B-vitamins such as niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B-6. These help in enzyme synthesis, nervous system function and regulating body metabolism.

Although we don’t have an ice cream maker, the steps were easy to making this healthy coconut-vanilla ice cream recipe, and the kids can all get involved in helping!

Sweet Summer Treat: Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (1)

For one serving of ice cream, we used:

  • 1/2 Cup coconut milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1-2 TBL. honey
  • Rock Salt (You can find this near any salt in the grocery store. Ours looks like this one)
  • Ice cubes
  • 1 Gallon size freezer bag
  • 1 Quart size freezer bag

We added the coconut milk, vanilla, and honey to the smaller, quart size bag. Then we poured the rock salt and ice cubes into the gallon size bag. Just enough to fill the bottom. We slipped the quart sized bag INTO the gallon size bag, so the rock salt and Ice surrounded the inner bag.

Then for the next 5-10 minutes, you have your kids shake the bag. Once they’ve shaken it sufficiently, you are left with ICE CREAM! Even without an ice cream maker!

If you have trouble finding rock salt (it’s vital to making this work), try Amazon:

Sweet Summer Treat: Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (7)
Sweet Summer Treat: Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (8)
Sweet Summer Treat: Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (9)

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I recently made a coconut icecream, too! You can try replacing the vanilla extract with coconut extract for a stronger coconut flavor or using half vanilla and half coconut.


When I clicked on the post to read it, I was hoping you were going to tell me where to find vanilla bean or vanilla bean paste around here. I wonder if Harmons in Draper would have it? I can usually find odd, more exquisite things there.




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How many servings does it make


Plz i need to know im was trying to make a dessert today for my family


Winco in the bulk section and williams sonoma has a paste that i love to use.


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Canned coconut milk from Asian section or do you mean as in the Silk brand…


@Jefel- Only one serving {1/2 cup}
@Amy- Canned coconut milk by the Asian food.


How much rock salt did you use? The whole box?


Can you make this WITH an ice cream maker?


do you know if it still works with the light coconut milk? that’s the only kind i buy!


Could you make this recipe in an ice cream maker in a bigger batch? Or in popsicle molds?


I would add a teaspoon of dedicated coconut for texture and added flavor ~ nomnomnom


@Stacy- we just used enough to fill the bottom of the bag, only 1-2 cups worth.
@amy & SJ – I’m sure you could if you follow the instructions for your ice cream maker. I don’t have one!
@Meredith- It should, I usually buy light as well.
@Mel! YES!!


I made this with my boys & we each shook or own. Theirs was beautiful!! But my inner bag leaked/broke so after just 1 taste I was left trying desperately to get rid if the awful salt taste 🙁


Will try soon…


Sweet Summer Treat: Coconut-Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (2024)
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