Immortal Affliction - Subject 1 - Rarity (MLP Infection AU) (2024)

For Canterlot Medical Research Only

Patient Name: Rarity Belle - Subject 1
Primary Physician: Dr. Quest Colton PhD
Date Range of Anomalous Affliction: 12/12/1523 A.B. (After Banishment) - 02/21/1524 A.B.

Case Summary:
This case involves one of Equestria’s Saviors: The Bearer of the Element of Generosity, Rarity Belle; age 546. An inexplicably, highly infectious affliction with rapid onset and extreme mortality rate was first reported, observed, and ineffectively treated. The following data logs have been compiled for research purposes in an effort to find a cure.

Observation Notes - Hoofsday, 30th of Jennetuary, 48 days after the end of the Reign of Friendship

Dr. Colton received troubling news today about a potentially unknown illness suffered by the patient subsequently known as “Subject 1”. At the doctor’s request, a medical professional was dispatched to the subject’s place of residence in Ponyville for a detailed observation. Upon arrival, Subject 1’s demeanor was overall pleasant, albeit melancholy. She seemed fully cognizant, and in control of her mental faculties.

Attached is Subject 1’s initial recorded interview and photographs provided by Subject 1 or Nurse Gentle Heart:

“I am Nurse Gentle Heart, sent for observation on behalf of Dr. Colton. I am here with the patient, Rarity Belle, recording this interaction for future analysis. It is my understanding you have had a strange affliction recently occur to you which you sought medical assistance for. Could you please describe in your own words what that affliction is?”


“Oh! You’re ready? Does that little red light mean it’s ready?”

“Yes ma’am. If you could please describe the issue in detail…”

“Oh, I am terribly sorry, I’m not so familiar with all the new ‘gadgetry’ of the world. Seems there’s always some new-fangled thing ponies are touting around with. Twilight used to try and explain them to us…”

“Patient’s demeanor exhibits sadness.”

You don’t say? Anything else obvious you would like to point out?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m only keeping as concise a record as possible.”

Yes I’m sad. I’m devastated! We all are! But I hardly think this… issue is related to that fact. Sadness has nothing to do with THIS!”

“Patient is indicating to her back left flank where it appears that blue gemstones are protruding from within, and around, her cutie mark. May I?”

“If you must.”

“Upon closer inspection, these stones are cool, smooth, and firm to the touch, not unlike the gemstone called sapphire. They appear to be growths coming from within, rather than lodged into the fur externally. A gentle tug of the skin around the growths reveals more gemstone hidden just beneath. I apologize if I’ve caused you discomfort.”

“That’s the thing. There isn’t really any… pain anymore, per say. And, truth be told, this wasn’t the first er… anomaly I discovered.”

“Please detail for me that occurrence and timeline to the best of your recollection.”

“Well, It was a week or so after we lost our dear Princess that I discovered something… strange. You see, I was looking for just the right outfit to wear to the funeral when I discovered an old piece I had once made for Twilight when she was rather more… normal pony size, if you will. I knew how much she loved that dress, and that with a little more black accents it would be the perfect way to honor her. Trouble is, I was completely out of onyx, and you simply cannot accent a funeral dress in a bright colored gemstone! No sooner than I became distraught did I feel a piercing pain right here in my forehoof!”

“Patient is indicating to the front right forehoof just above the knee. Upon closer inspection, no abnormalities can be observed. I do not see any scarring or bruising. ”

“Well, they don’t exactly bleed. At least, not blood. The first one though, the one that came from this loose bit of fur here, it looked like a bruise at first. My skin was taut and blackened, and the sensation…. Well, there are no words to describe it. I couldn’t move my hoof at all without a seering, sharp pain! I cried out but… there was no pony to hear it. All of my staff had already been excused for the day. I knew a specific salve I owned might ease the pain, but that meant moving to get up the stairs and retrieve it. I decided to sprint for it, so there would only be a single burst of agony, to get it over with you see. The problem was, I was a tad clumiser than I anticipated and my hoof collided into my desk, the lump bursting upon impact!”

“Patient is moving her hooves in a 'burst’ motion.”

“It was awful, DISGUSTING! Truly, wholly, vile. I expected blood in surges, but instead, a modest pile of onyx gemstones was dislodged from INSIDE ME. They were followed by a gushing shimmery gray ooze. I was aghast! My stomach churned so violently I almost doubled over right then and there. I was shaking, scared to inhale a breath for fear of its putrid stench. But when I inevitably took that breath, I didn’t smell a difference in the air. Curious, I even leaned in closer to take a sniff: nothing. In that moment I realized that once the little devils were out, the pain had instantly vanished too. After sitting there stunned for some time, I counted the dislodged stones and realized I had just enough for my gown… almost like a strange answer to prayer. I went to tend to the wound, but when I wiped the excess gray liquid away my hoof seemed perfectly intact. There was no open sore at all! The only indication that it had happened was from a slight looseness of the skin being overstretched. Over the course of time, that has mostly faded too.”

“Had you been performing any strange spells, or taken any abnormal potions at the time?”

“None! I am well aware of the spells I conjure, or the magic I ingest. The only magic I used that day was soothing salves and creams, but I’d been using them for years! Even so… I had that exact thought too, and threw them all away immediately, just in case.”

“I’m going to need a list of those said creams and salves and where you procured them from. You indicated this happened roughly four weeks ago, so I assume the originals are long gone now. When was the next incident?”

“Well, I must admit… I’ve had several. Too many to count. You see, I discovered after that first incident that every time I pictured a specific gemstone in my mind, it would appear somewhere on me. Now, this might be a tad macabre but… Sometimes we must do things to ease the pain, mustn't we? Once the gem lump formed, I would carefully… er… ‘puncture’ the skin to extract the gem before it became too painful…. Don’t give me that look! Pain is entirely subjective. You don’t know what you would have done in my situation! I certainly don’t need your judgment. Besides, that didn't last too long. After the third or fourth gem, the pain eased, almost completely. Perhaps I was just used to it, I’m not sure. The oozing was also a bit different in color depending on the gem I… created? Still no blood, however. Somehow I had turned myself into my own gem mine! It was so exciting for a creative pony such as myself to realize I did not need to bother my underlings to fetch certain stones. I’ve saved a bundle, too! All of these garments have these miraculous gems sewn into their design!”

“Patient is showcasing her fashion wares hanging on displays, or hangers, around the boutique. I can observe several hundred gemstones just upon first glance alone...”

“No need to sound so disgusted… or horrified? Either way, until a few days ago, this was a wonderful gift! It still is, but… well, as you can plainly see, I believe I’m getting a little more than I can bargain for. These sapphires here on my cutie marks refuse to break away. I’ve tried chiseling at them, and I can get little flecks here and there, but they never truly leave. It feels like if I manage to excavate one, three more take its place, stronger than ever! When I said I had become my own mine, I didn’t expect the gemstones to behave similarly! They still don’t hurt, but look how atrocious and lumpy I look! I cannot wear ANYTHING without it being bothersome. So, rather than lose my figure forever to this blessing… maybe a slight curse, I’ve sought medical advice.”

“If I may be frank, ma’am, it is my professional opinion that you should accompany me back to Canterlot General at once! We need to conduct some testing right away.”

Must I? I have so much work left to do, darling. Fashion week is only 3 months away and I’m already falling behind schedule.”

“Ma’am, this is something I have never seen before in my many years in this profession. I strongly urge you to reconsider.”

“... Oh alright. A magic cleanse or two will probably solve the issue anyway. I can sacrifice a day or two. Tops.”

Patient was admitted to Canterlot General.

Data Log - Hoofsday, 6th of Foaluary, 7th day of the hospital stay

Procedure(s) performed: Fifth magical cleansing
Result: No current rejuvenative effect
Additional Test Results: Initial blood tests have proven inconclusive of evidence for abnormality.

Subject Notes:
Dr. Colton examined the subject today and found five more growing gem pustules located in the following areas:

Left shoulder
Base of the horn
And two more protrusions on the left flank.

Attached is Subject 1’s second recorded interview with the Subject’s primary nurse: Nurse Gentle Heart.

“Hello Ma’am, how are you feeling today?”

How am I feeling? Horrendous that’s how! I came to YOU for help, and since doing so, things have only gotten WORSE! I don’t know what you’ve been doing to me, but it has to stop! NOW!”

“I assure you, ma’am, the doctor and his staff are working tirelessly to--”

“THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! I haven’t had a single thought about conjuring one since being admitted but still they grow! Look here! The one under my hoof, see how it’s protruding? I can’t even WALK anymore without it making my stride awkward. And don’t think I don't hear the snickering. ‘Oh look Miss Rarity bumbling around and raging like a lunatic! Look how funny she walks!’ Disgraceful! All of you!”

“Ma’am… we are a professional place of healing and any staff who have ever said--”

“Oh you aren’t even LISTENING! That was just an example, you moronic twit. I don’t have to HEAR the words to know they’re thinking them. I want OUT, you hear? OUT! You fix this mess you made and you let me go at once!”

“I will try to expedite the process as quickly as possible, but I do have a list of questions the doctor would like me to--”

“Look! Look what you all have done! Come see!”

“...The subject is ushering me to her bed and hyper-extending her left eyelid open, pointing to it with her right hoof.”

“See it? Another one! Just behind my eye! I can FEEL it! You have to stop this NOW or… I don’t even want to THINK what could happen! Go get me the doctor, right this instant!”

“But if I could--”


This was the end of the recording.

Observation Notes - Trotsday, 8th of Foaluary, 9th day of hospital stay

Subject 1 caused a disturbance last night. After a routine patient check, Subject 1 managed to elude hospital staff and leave her room. A scalpel was procured from a restricted supply room and she returned to her room unnoticed. Staff was alerted when terrible screaming came from the Subject’s room. Subject 1 had barricaded her door and was attempting to insert the scalpel into the gemstone growth under her left eyelid.

Security camera footage showed Subject 1 on her bed, while the supplementary bed had been pushed up against the entrance, along with other hospital furniture and equipment. In the attached footage, the subject is observed to be smiling and crying simultaneously while rocking back and forth in a semi-fetal position. Although there was a lack of audio in the security camera footage, a night nurse was able to record the last words of the subject’s individualized assault before orderlies accessed the room and restrained her.

Attached is the recorded audio from this event:

“I feel it! I CAN FEEL IT! I almost got it! Haha… yes… YES! There’s another chunk! It’s coming out! I can do it myself! It doesn’t even hurt! Hahahaha! cough cough. Oh I… I think I pushed it inward… oh sweet Luna I think I’m… I think it’s… (vomitting sound, followed by dry laughter.) There. There now, that wasn’t so bad.”

Subject 1 has been moved to the maximum security wing of the hospital to receive round-the-clock surveillance. She seemed unaware that her left eye was hanging loose from its socket with visible trauma from the previous night’s incident. When examined, traces of a bluish liquid were found within the exposed eye socket. A sample was taken for testing. The subject did not engage in conversation with any hospital staff.

Data Log - Stallionday, 11th of Foaluary, 12th day of hospital stay

Procedure(s) performed: Surgical removal of left eye
Result: N/A
Additional Test Results: Bluish liquid sample result delayed. The initial testing facility was unable to come to any conclusive results. The sample was sent to another facility for re-testing.

Subject Notes:
Staff members have reported difficulty in managing and treating Subject 1. Common complaints include: heightened, long-lasting anger; a raised volume/pitch in her voice when speaking to staff; and short, curt responses to questions with the inclusion of foul language.

Subject was restrained when she threw her breakfast tray at an orderly. This is a temporary precaution as instructed by Dr. Colton.

Subject 1 will be undergoing the long overdue surgical removal of the loose left eye. Due to hostility and her insistence to “fix it herself,” Dr. Colton has insisted the patient be sedated in anticipation of the procedure.

Observation Notes - Maresday, 12th of Foaluary, 13th day of hospital stay

Subject 1 is still recovering from surgery. Dr. Colton has instructed staff to interact with the subject unsedated. Unsubstantiated growth has occurred since the procedure’s conclusion. Sapphires protruding from the eye socket have grown another three inches, opening the socket further and marring most of the left side of the face. The sapphire count at this time is 142 distinct gemstones in 57 different places on the body, refer to the attached chart for exact locations.

Subject is now unable to walk as gemstones are protruding from beneath all four of her hooves. Staff have been instructed to start filing down these particular gemstones, but have been advised not to attempt to dislodge any remaining stones, for fear of organ and muscle entanglement.

Extra caution is strongly advised for this procedure. Nurse Jolly Hope was admitted for lung irritation from breathing in the gemstone particles. Oxygen masks are now mandatory for all interactions with the Subject.

Data Log - Flanksday, 16th of Foaluary, 17th day of hospital stay

Procedure(s) performed: Attempted gemstone removals
Result: N/A - Subject 1 resisted and refused the procedure
Additional Test Results: The bluish liquid test results received from the Equestrian Institute of Rockology. Results indicate that the sample consists of millions of microscopic gemstone fragments, giving it the illusion of a liquid substance. Dr. Colton rejected this result and is re-submitting additional samples to several external testing facilities.

Subject Notes:

Subject 1 insists she is “too ugly” to be seen by staff and continues to fight against any procedure.

Current sapphire count is 267 distinct stones.

16 additional stones of varying colors found, breaking from the traditional blue.

In the last 24 hours, Subject 1’s fur has rapidly shed in its entirety. No immediate causation can be determined without further testing.

According to nursing staff, Subject 1 has not eaten any meals in three days. When attempting to insert an emergency I.V. of liquid nutrients, the skin was found to be impenetrable, by needle or blade. The skin is firm to the touch, and stone-like in resistance.

A biopsy of a skin sample from the left forehoof was also expedited with the resubmitted testing samples.

Observation Notes - Canterday, 17th of Foaluary, 18th day of hospital stay

This unscheduled audio recording took place from 12:44 P.M. to 1:58 P.M. When recovered, the recorder was covered in an unidentified multicolored goo-like substance, partially corrupting the tape. The following clip was the only salvaged audio from said incident:

“This is Nurse Gentle Heart. What we are hearing right now is coming from Subject 1. For the past 12 minutes, the subject has been violently regurgitating gem-like substances… [Audio distortion]

Sweet mercy… [Audio distortion]

It’s alright! The doctor is coming! He’s coming! [Audio distortion]

My eye! It’s in my eye!
Get him out of here! Don’t touch the-- [Audio distortion]

…this much, it’s unprecedented! And she’s still going?! I-- [Audio distortion]


Miss? Miss can you hear me? Rarity!?
She’s not responding! Where is Dr. Colton?! [Tape click]

Following the incident, Dr. Colton ordered Subject 1’s hospital room to be quarantined from all staff. Temporary biohazard barriers were put in place to keep all hazardous material from leaving the infected area. A Hazmat crew has been contacted; their earliest open appointment is in one week.

Security footage from 12:30 P.M. until 2:30 P.M. was discovered missing. An internal investigation has been launched, and recovery measures are being made. As of the completion of this log, there has been no success locating or recovering this footage.

Observation Notes - Withersday, 21st of Foaluary

The following is a recorded statement from Miss Gentle Heart during her exit interview.

“It was horrible. I… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to unsee it. It wasn’t just coming from her mouth. It… it was coming out of everywhere it just… [audible upset whimper/cry]. We couldn’t do anything! We tried, we truly did! Most of us weren’t even in our proper hazmat suits, the ones Dr. Colton instructed us to wear! I heard one of the orderlies was already admitted… I think he got it in his eye. It was so much thicker than the first sample, and with multiple colors. Somepony said it was liquid crystals, I didn’t believe them at first but… I saw it. I saw the room. I couldn’t help myself! We’d just left her in there for three days, and there wasn’t a single peep! We’re medical professionals, dammit! We’re supposed to HELP ponies, not sequester them and starve them out! Yes… I forged Dr. Colton’s signature, but it was the only way anypony would let me into that room. [starts crying] She was there, only… it wasn’t her. A gemstone a… crystal crudely pony-like in shape, curled onto the floor in a fetal position like some kind of sculpture. No fur, no mane, no tail, just… rock. But I saw a horn, and a slab of stone with that same kind of mane and tail twirl. That’s not all, though. The room. It… it was covered. I expected to find some kind of ooze or goop, maybe even solidified into a mush but there wasn’t any of that at all! You know those cracked-open geodes that ponies sometimes collect? It was like a whole room of that! The bed, the equipment, hell, even the camera! Some of them were 3, 4 feet long! Just cluster after cluster of these horrible crystal gemstone abominations.

I don’t regret my decision to try and help her. Maybe some part of me is glad I’m being fired from a place that would abandon one of Equestria’s saviors to this fate. I would have no regrets at all but… I think I'm at a point where I can't keep this to myself any longer. I really need somepony to examine this. I touched the crystals on Rarity’s flank, bare hooved, a month ago in that first interview. And now… see? A lump? Maybe I’m just paranoid because of everything I’ve seen or maybe… [frightened whimper or cry] And all those dresses? All those customers? Has anypony checked on them?? Sweet Twilight… what are we gonna do?”

Nurse Gentle Heart was thereafter admitted to Canterlot General. Her records were sealed and are unavailable for this report.

Although the data is still inconclusive, we are awaiting the test results from Subject 1’s biopsy. At this stage of the outbreak, we have compiled 248 case studies of ponies experiencing similar symptoms.

Staff is limited in resources due to the difficulty of the remaining subjects. Containing Subject 3 and Subject 4 and locating Subject 2 is a top priority. Emergency Staff has been instructed to turn away patients beyond our help.

Subject 5 is currently cooperative and under observation of Dr. Colton, herself. Subject 5 shows no deterioration compared to the others, and continues to ask about the whereabouts of Subject 1.

Immortal Affliction - Subject 1 - Rarity (MLP Infection AU) (2024)
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