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  • Chest Compressor is a milestone available after you defeat the boss which lies at 700km. It takes the collected chests from the Chest Collector and gives you the option of compressing a certain amount of Basic Chests into Gold Chests, and from Gold Chests to Ethereal Chests. Each compression takes some time (that you can skip with timelapses or with tickets). The time required, amount of queues and conversion rates can be upgraded. The queues are in addition to the regular limit, so if you Chest

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  • Jun 23, 2023 · The Chest Compressor becomes available to players after defeating the boss located at 700km in Mr Mine. The chest compressor interface. This ...

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  • You can get them through the Chest Compressor, by compressing a certain amount of Gold Chests, or through regular chest spawn, at 1/790 rate (20% the rate of ...

  • Chests can be earned, in increasing order of probability, by: Completing quests (hard limit of 11 Basic Chests and 13 Golden Chests) Bought with tickets (premium currency, so very limited) Traded in a trading post From Caves From scientist excavations And above all, found by Miners You can also get Gold Chests and Ethereal/Black Chests through the Chest Compressor Ethereal/Black chests were added in v0.40, on Oct 24th 2022 Chests are found by miners. The deeper you go the more miners you have &

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9. Exploring Mr. Mine's Mineshaft: A Journey into Endless Riches

If you've ever experienced the stress and anxiety of a medical emergency, you understand the critical role of swift and effective intervention. In recent years, the medical community has witnessed the advent of groundbreaking technologies designed to improve patient outcomes in emergency situations. One such innovation that has garnered considerable attention is the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of this revolutionary technology, exploring its function, benefits, and potential impact on emergency medical care.

Understanding the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine

What is the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine?

The Chest Compressor Mr. Mine is a state-of-the-art medical device designed to provide automated chest compressions to individuals experiencing cardiac arrest. Unlike traditional manual chest compressions, which require consistent and precise application of pressure, the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine offers a hands-free, automated solution that aims to optimize the delivery of compressions during critical moments.

How Does it Work?

This innovative device operates through a series of advanced algorithms and mechanisms that mimic the physiological process of chest compressions. By applying controlled pressure to the chest at the appropriate rhythm and depth, the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine aims to sustain circulation and oxygenation, vital components in the chain of survival for individuals in cardiac arrest.

The Benefits of Chest Compressor Mr. Mine

Enhanced Reliability and Consistency

One of the primary advantages of the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine is its ability to deliver consistent and uninterrupted chest compressions. Unlike manual interventions, which may be subject to variations in force and rhythm, this automated device offers a level of reliability that is essential in emergency scenarios.

Minimized Fatigue and Human Error

In high-stress situations, such as resuscitation efforts, the risk of human error and fatigue during manual chest compressions is a significant concern. The Chest Compressor Mr. Mine mitigates these risks by providing unwavering support without succumbing to exhaustion, ensuring that patients receive uninterrupted care during critical moments.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The precise and consistent application of chest compressions facilitated by the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine contributes to improved blood flow and circulation, factors that are pivotal in enhancing the likelihood of successful resuscitation and positive patient outcomes.

The Impact on Emergency Medical Care

Revolutionizing Cardiac Arrest Response

The introduction of the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine represents a paradigm shift in the approach to cardiac arrest response. By augmenting the capabilities of emergency medical personnel and bolstering the resuscitation process, this technology has the potential to redefine the standards of care in pre-hospital and hospital settings.

Empowering First Responders

In addition to its impact on traditional medical settings, the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine holds great promise for empowering first responders and laypersons trained in CPR. By providing a reliable and user-friendly solution, this technology equips individuals with the means to deliver effective chest compressions in emergency situations, thereby expanding the reach of life-saving interventions.


The advent of the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine represents a monumental stride in the domain of emergency medical care. Its capacity to deliver consistent, reliable, and precise chest compressions has the potential to transform the landscape of cardiac arrest management, enhancing the prospects of survival and recovery for countless individuals. As this innovative technology continues to evolve, its impact on emergency response and patient outcomes is poised to be nothing short of revolutionary.


1. Is the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine suitable for use by non-medical personnel?

Yes, the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine is designed to be user-friendly and can be utilized by individuals with appropriate CPR training.

2. How does the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine compare to traditional manual chest compressions?

The Chest Compressor Mr. Mine offers automated, consistent, and uninterrupted chest compressions, addressing the limitations associated with manual interventions.

3. Can the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine be integrated into existing emergency medical protocols?

Yes, efforts are underway to integrate the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine into standard emergency medical response protocols, leveraging its potential to optimize patient care.

4. What are the key considerations in deploying the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine in diverse healthcare settings?

The implementation of the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine necessitates comprehensive training, protocol adaptation, and ongoing evaluation to ensure its seamless integration into diverse healthcare environments.

5. How does the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine contribute to the chain of survival in cardiac arrest cases?

The Chest Compressor Mr. Mine plays a pivotal role in sustaining circulation and oxygenation, key elements in the chain of survival that underpin successful resuscitation efforts.

In conclusion, the Chest Compressor Mr. Mine heralds a new era in the management of cardiac arrest, offering a transformative approach to chest compressions that holds immense promise for improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing emergency medical care.

Chest Compressor Mr Mine (2024)


Where can you find the chest compressor in Mr mine? ›

Chest Compressor is a milestone available after you defeat the boss which lies at 700km.

What is a chest collector in Mr mine? ›

The Chest Collector is a milestone found at 100KM between 9th and 10th miner. It look like a pile of boxes and you just click on it to acquire the structure. It works both during online and offline progress. A certain % of the chests that spawn on your mine will be collected and stored, up to a limit.

How rare is a black chest in Mr mine? ›

Ethereal Chests, also known as Black Chests, are the rarest type of chest in the game. They have a base 1/790 chance of spawning and contain special rewards related to Super Miners.

What is the best relic in Mr mine? ›

Based on your goal and objective, the relic build may vary. However, Book of Success, Book of Time, Midas Touch, and Golden Shovel are considered the best relics in the game. Besides, the Book of Secrets is a relic that plays a vital role in boosting your progression speed even more.

How rare is a golden chest in Mr mine? ›

The deeper you go the more miners you have & the more chances of a chest being found. Chests even spawn while at full capacity. The Metal Detector will help to locate and collect the spawned chests. Gold chests are the second rarest and have a 1/158 base drop chance.

What happens when you get to 1000 km in Mr Mine? ›

World 2: The Moon (1032km – 1782km)

Mine. Upon reaching a depth of 1,000 kilometers on Earth, a new adventure begins as you reach the Earth's bottom surface. At this point, you have to travel through 32 kilometers of air and space.

How deep is the core in Mr mine? ›

The Core (also called "The Pit") is located at 501 km, where you can sacrifice (gamble) ore and receive another type of ore or sacrifice (gamble) relics for another type of relics.

What is the max weapon level in Mr mine? ›

Weapon table
NameCharge (in seconds)Max Level
Small Bomb12.00 - 10.0010
Sword8.00 - 7.0010
Big Bomb15.00 - 12.0010
Gun8.00 - 6.007
8 more rows

What does the mime do in Mr mine? ›

Mime is an easter egg located in the mineshaft at level 112 between the third and fourth miner. His name is word play on Mr. Mine. If you click on him, you will unlock an achievement that gives you a golden chest.

What is the rarest thing in Mr. Mine? ›

Polonium is the rarest isotope you will mine. It will start to occur at level 55 and achieve maximum at 84 (upgrades and miners still increase the amount you get, but not depth). Polonium is available as three different isotopes.

What is found at 500 km in Mr. Mine? ›

Earth Monsters (in order)
NameDepth rangeBase HP
3 more rows

What is found at 310 km in Mr. Mine? ›

Silicon is somethere around W2-310 km. There are some isotopes (nitrogen and helium) too.

Is Mr. Mine addictive? ›

This game has consumed the lives and souls of many. The symptoms of addiction to Mr. Mine are -insomnia, -loss of eye sight, -loss of attention span, -temporary schizophrenia, -and an overload of dopamine.

What happens at 600 km in Mr. Mine? ›

After km 300 you are gonna occasionally find monsters and every 100 km, (km 400, km 500, km 600, etc.) you are going to find bosses. Bosses completely halt your mining unless defeated, so make sure you upgrade your weapons to a comfortable level before prioritising digging fast again.

What happens when you sacrifice a Book of secrets in Mr. Mine? ›

When you sacrifice a Warped Book of Secrets you bless the Core and the next sacrificed relic is Divine. Note: Core activation - 1 time. To reactivate, you need a new book of secrets.

Where do you find the broken robot in Mr mine? ›

The broken robot will appear at 225km. Its name is Gidget and it says the following when clicked for the first time: ¨I'm Gi-Gidget, an autobot.

What does the white egg do in Mr mine? ›

Egg - Passively gains experience and levels up for free, increasing its scrap amount, (gaining you more super miner souls).

What does the Metal Detector do in Mr mine? ›

The Metal Detector is a structure available from the start of the mine, and is useful for finding treasure chests in your mine with its blinking light. You can buy and upgrade it from the Craft Center.

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