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Ecrit par cyril le 18 avr. 2008 15:51:59
assistant Fashion Department French Trade Commission
I am recruiting an assistant to work in the Fashion Department at the
French Trade Commission in NY (see profile bellow). Please feel
free to pass this to anyone who might be interested in the job

Camille Wiart
Senior Trade Attache - Fashion Division
French Trade Commission
- Division of the Embassy of France
810 Seventh Avenue, 38th Floor
New York , NY10019- USA

Looking for innovative Jewelry and Fashion Accessories resources from France?



· Fashion Trade Attache based in New York and managed by the department head and her team of managers for the Consumer Goods division based in New York. The Fashion Trade Attache will be in charge of assisting the Senior Trade attaché in covering the following markets for the local/north-east region (in particularly the Tri-State area – but not limited to):
o Textile
o Fashion Ready to wear (Men – Women – Children)
o Intimate apparel and Swimwear
o Fashion Accessories (Footwear / Eyewear / Jewelry…)

· The job of the Consumer Goods Department consists of assisting in the development of French companies on the American market, organizing collective promotional events for French products, and publishing studies on the local market for the various above-mentioned industries.

· The Fashion Trade Attache will contribute to the previously described functions based on a progressively acquired knowledge of the market, and by following a program approved by the Head of the department, analyzing the products distributed in the region, the corresponding distribution network, and the various professions that support the distribution of these products (press, consultants, logistics, etc.)

· This knowledge facilitates the annual programming of events, publications, and other projects organised by the Consumer Goods department for the benefit of French companies and their professional organisations.

· Profil :
o Bachelors degree or higher - a minimum of 2 to 3 years experience in sales, customer relations or marketing a plus
o Mastery of written and spoken French
o Very high capacity for initiative and autonomy
o Team Player attitude, ability to integrate, contribute to, and lead / coordinate projects with other members of the consumer goods team
o Willingness/ability to travel within the U.S as well as in France
o Capacity to multi-task
o Working knowledge of various computer tools, notably search engines
o Strong networking skills
o Experience in consulting is a plus
o Knowledge of consumer goods industry is also a plus.

CONTACT : Email CV and cover letter to


Ecrit par delph2605 le 21 mai 2008 13:26:12
Re: assistant Fashion Department French Trade Commission

I am a french women of 29 years old.
I am willing to settle in NYC but I'd like to find a job first.
The job you describe interests me since I am a Consultant in a recruitment agency in France. I worked specifically for the Fashion department.
Nevertheless, you said we must have american nationality to apply.
I thought this website was dedicated to French people still living in France who wants to work in NY.
Does it mean that we must have the green card before applying for any job inquiry ?
Thank you in advance for your answer
Best regards,